Blog / Experience km0: 5 reasons to choose our Oasi as your next holiday destination.

Experience km0: 5 reasons to choose our Oasi as your next holiday destination.

What makes your holiday even more special is the possibility of tasting km0 products directly from our farm.

Authenticity and beauty of the area come together to offer you a unique experience. Immersed in a botanical garden, you can enjoy peace and tranquillity, enveloped by the scent of the aromatic herbs that grow luxuriantly in the garden at your disposal.
Our olive trees, witnesses of past generations, give us a superior quality extra virgin olive oil from Lake Garda.

Our bees, tireless artisans, produce a honey with a unique and genuine flavour. And our vineyards, cultivated with passion, give us bold and lively wines that reflect the character of the land.

You can find all these products in the shop at reception, or for a unique immersive experience, treat yourself to the farmer's breakfast  when you wake up. For our guests, this experience is not limited to the discovery of local flavours.

We offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in farm life through a visit to our small farm, where you can get to know our animals and the care we take in preserving farming traditions.
The accommodation options, from mobile homes to pitches with your own private bathroom and glamping tents with private jacuzzi, are designed to ensure maximum privacy and total relaxation.

Let yourself be lulled by the beauty of the garden, the serenity of the surroundings and the harmony with nature.
At our agricamping, every detail is designed to offer you an all-round experience, where fragrances, flavours and tranquillity come together to give you unforgettable moments.

Here are five good reasons to choose our Oasis for your next holiday and discover the authentic taste of the Lake Garda area:

  1. Authenticity and Km0 products: we offer the opportunity to live an authentic experience, immersing yourself in agricultural life and savouring fresh and genuine products directly from our land: oil, honey and wine, the fruit of our passion and dedication.
  2. Contact with Nature: you are surrounded by an enchanting and lush botanical garden, rich in aromatic plants and centuries-old trees. The tranquillity and beauty of nature create a perfect oasis of peace for your mindfullness.
  3. Unique and Intimate Accommodation: We offer a variety of unique accommodation options, from mobile homes to private pitches with exclusive bathrooms, to glamping tents with private jacuzzis for a touch of glamour. Each option is designed to ensure privacy, comfort and an unforgettable holiday experience.
  4. Activities: Our small farm provides an insight into rural life, offering a fun experience for the whole family. From visiting the animals to participating in agricultural activities, there is always something interesting to do.
  5. Location on Lake Garda: Located near the picturesque Lake Garda, we offer not only the tranquillity of the countryside, but also the opportunity to explore the natural and cultural beauty of the surrounding area, enriching your holiday with unforgettable excursions and visits.


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