The roots of our company have a long agricultural tradition, with over 100 years of history. For generations, our family has been involved in the cultivation of vineyards and olives trees,trees, after which time we expanded into landscaping and garden maintenance. Oasi del Garda is union of all of these aspects, a lifestyle with a strong connection to the territory, in the heart of a botanical garden on the Eastern shores of Lake Garda.

Fattoria Agricampeggio Lazise
Our olive trees are immersed in the unspoilt environment of Lake Garda, creating an enclosure with evocative scenery and shady afternoons on a sunny day. After having matured during the summer, our olives are expertly collected and pressed, providing us with a delicately flavoured extra virgin olive, but rich in personality so it can accompany magnificently any type of dish.
Uncle Felice dedicates himself to the year round beekeeping activity, where the hives are positioned so the bees can easily and safely reach the flowers in the Lake Garda area.

When the time comes, Uncle Felice collects and filters the precious nectar. It is a timeless ‘super food’.

Available in different formats, you can view or buy our honey in our small shop in reception during opening hours.

Fattoria Agricampeggio Lazise
Evis, and Thuia. Respectively produced with Corvina, the native grapes of the territory, Rondinella and Molinara in its red and rosè versions. They are completed with Thali, a white wine produced from Garganega grapes. Suitable for every palate, they meet the needs of any menu, whether it be meat, fish or vegetable based.
And then there is Oasi, our sparkling wine: bubbles for an aperitif to remember or for a romantic sunset toast by the lake. All our wines can be viewed or purchased in our small shop in the reception during opening hours
If you wish you can also have a close up farm experience, where you can pat and feed the animals. Definitely a special place, even for the littler ones.

We also provide farm fresh eggs from our free range hens, and vegetables from our garden, subject to seasonal availability.

Oasi del Garda works in conjunction with other nearby companion companies with whom we exchange genuine seasonal products, making the most of each others respective knowledge and agricultural traditions. As a result, you can also find preparations for risottos, jams, sauces, tomato preserves, vegetables preserved in oil and other local delicacies originating from trusted local companies.

To view or buy these products, we await you in our small shop located in reception, during opening hours.