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Outdoor sensory holidays

For plein-air and outdoor lovers, the choice of a farm-camping site represents a unique opportunity to fully immerse oneself in nature, an invitation to explore all its beauty and it’s dedicated to responsible tourism.
An eco-friendly solution for an independent holiday away from mass tourism. 

Our oasis of tranquillity just a few minutes from the most beautiful beaches of Lake Garda, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, offers a holiday with 5 senses, where every aspect is an invitation to experience the beauty of nature. 

Vibrant colours, from shimmering reflections of the lake to the shades of the vineyards and olive trees, breathtaking views embracing our agricamping.

The sounds of nature are a natural harmony that will accompany you on (all your adventure)
 your every adventure.

A variety of Mediterranean scents, fresh lake breezes, enveloping aromas of flowers and plants. Every breath is an olfactory journey through nature.

Authentic and genuine flavours from our own farm. Wine, gin and limoncello del Garda tastings are an integral part of your sensory journey.

Direct contact with the earth. Walk barefoot on the grass, explore our botanical garden, let direct contact with the earth enrich your experience.

A family welcome is the key to an authentic stay. 
Here, you will find a human dimension and personalised attention that will differentiate your experience. 

We look forward to sharing an unforgettable 5-sense holiday together on the “Riviera degli Olivi”.